Each day in recovery is a step in the right direction

Recovery Advocates of America


Recovery Advocates of America is a 501C3 not for profit peer to peer center that strives to provide education around the disease of addiction, tools to sustain recovery through engagement, and reduce the stigma of addiction within our community. Our center is instrumental in our community in providing all people suffering from the disease of addiction a safe haven to get treatment options and support through all stages of their recovery. As addiction is classified as a family disease, in addition to helping the addict, we also provide tools and resources for the family in order to best recover through their own journey. Recovery Advocates of America offers crisis interventions for both the addict and the family, support meetings and 12 step introductions, and family programs to keep addicts and families engaged. Our mission is to provide a platform and network for those who strive for recovery to achieve continuous, sustainable recovery.


If you or a loved one struggles with the disease of addiction Recovery Advocates of America can help. Recovery Advocates knows the importance of bridging the gap between treatment and active recovery. We recognize addiction can be very complex and the treatment process difficult to navigate. We guide each person before, during and after the treatment process by providing services in order to increase the likelihood of a sustained recovery.

Our trained staff will treat every person with respect and keep all our services confidential. Recovery Advocates of America, Inc. provides a safe environment to rebuild lives through:

  • Recovery Support
  • Family Support
  • Interventions
  • Community Involvement
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Educational Workshops
  • Sober Transports

Michael Ziccardi

Michael Ziccardi

Executive Director/Director of Operations

Michael Ziccardi has been with RAA for many years. He started as a volunteer and has held various positions throughout his career. He is now the Executive Director and is also a Certified Recovery Coach Trainer, Recovery Coach, and cnadiaertified Recovery Peer Specialist.

Stacey Ross

Stacey Ross

Director of Outreach

Stacey Ross has been working with Recovery Advocates since October 2017 and is also a Certified Recovery Coach as well as a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist. Before coming on as our Outreach Coordinator, she volunteered and plays a vital role as a mentor to many women in the community. With multiple years in recovery, she does anything necessary to maintain long term sobriety.

Marc North

Marc North

Nonprofit Administrator

Marc North has been working in the field of addiction and recovery for multiple years. He started work with Recovery Advocates as a volunteer in 2019, and has since become a full-time employee. He is dedicated and passionate about helping others find the road to recovery. Marc is a certified recovery coach and a certified peer recovery specialist.

"Pain is the door to where freedom lives"

Laura Conners

Laura Conners

volunteer Case Management

Laura Conners has been volunteering with Recovery Advocates of America since September of 2020. In 2018, Recovery Advocates of America helped Laura get into treatment for her drug and alcohol addiction. She believes in giving back what was so freely given to her and to let others know that recovery from drug and alcohol abuse is possible.

Board of Directors

John DiMartino - Chairman of the Board
Denise Lovill - Vice Chair
Simeon Rochonchou - Treasurer
Tim McDermott - Secretary
Kim Tormondson - Director
Anthony Verrelli - Trustee
Chris Reetz - Trustee
Rich Levesque - Trustee
Nadira Keaton - Trustee