Work With Trained Recovery Coaches

Work With Trained Recovery Coaches

Learn about our intervention program in the Hamilton Township, NJ and all of Mercer County

You can see that your loved one needs help, but they seem willfully blind to the truth. It's time to call Recovery Advocates of America, Inc. to plan an intervention.

Don't worry about the cost of staging an intervention. Our intervention program is 100% funded through donations, meaning you don't need to pay a thing.

Help your loved one discover a brighter future. Call Recovery Advocates of America today.

How staging an intervention works

After we gather information about your loved one's situation, our team of recovery coaches will:

  • Schedule a day, time and place
  • Travel to the location
  • Perform the intervention

If your loved one agrees to accept treatment, we'll begin the placement process. If they refuse, we'll follow up with them, trying again when opportunities arise.

The most important thing to remember when staging an intervention is that Recovery Advocates of America will never give up on your loved one.

Choose an intervention program that boasts a 95% success rate. Start staging an intervention in the Hamilton Township, New Jersey area by calling 888-360-7788 now.